"The secret to creativity is knowing how to protect your sources."

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People in the entertainment industry face ordinary problems – situations that, while not glamorous, can be critical to success in life. Sooner or later, you’ll need an attorney to create a will or a retirement plan, enforce a contract, handle a business problem, sue or be sued, or find a solution to a criminal or domestic problem.

It only makes sense to hire an attorney who is familiar with your industry and your part in it.

Eveline Davis & Phillips – you won’t have to spend a lot of time explaining what you do or why you need help.
- Albert Einstein

Your creative expression may be your most valuable asset. Whether you are a songwriter, author, visual artist, advertising agency creative, or performing artist, copyright protection is necessary to successful career management.

A copyright is a property right which protects you from unauthorized reproduction or use of your work. You should control how and by whom your work is used. Obtain professional advice from us as to your right to prevent others from exploiting your creative expression.

Merchandising your band’s name, company logo, or product’s trademark is an excellent source of income. Many performers make as much from the sale of licensed products as they do from performing, and your logo can speak well for you in a variety of venues.

You have likely spent considerable time and effort in building an image. Don’t let others capitalize on your image at your expense. We can ensure that you have trademark protection under both Federal and State laws.

If the proper groundwork is laid, your work may have several lives. Just finished the greatest ad campaign ever for a local client and want to use it in several other markets? Copyright licensing might be a workable solution. Many popular songs become advertising jingles and vice versa.

Your fantastic marketing concept might just work, if it doesn’t run afoul of some government agency, local ordinance or consumer protection legislation. We can conquer the maze of red tape to allow you to grow your plan to its full and profitable potential.
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