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Film Industry
Louisiana is more film friendly than ever, and with business growing and the film/media industry thriving, individuals taking advantage of Louisiana’s Motion Picture Incentive Act are coming up on top. Utilizing the MPIA, production costs can be reduced by ensuring that LA musicians are playing their role on the film/media soundtracks. Incorporating LA musicians will not only ensure film companies are getting the most out of MPIA but will also ensure that producers are getting access to the massive amount of musical talent that only Louisiana can offer.
Take time to browse some of the works in our musical archive to find the artist and song that is perfect for your next production. Licensing and publishing issues can be handled by us at the law firm Eveline, Davis, & Phillips to ensure the song’s placement today. Check out our musical archive under CLIENTS on this site.
Glory Road
Big budget film shot in 2004

They give you quite a break…it turns out to be quite worthwhile, Bruckheimer states to the Hollywood Reporter of the Louisiana tax incentives that attracted him to shoot in the area. Bruckheimer then blurts that by locating to Louisiana and shooting in New Orleans, Glory Road was able to cut $4 million off its total budget!

Carol Patton, Incentives That Work Take Work, IMAGINE, 2004
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